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The Willmott Park Golf Club is currently in the process of an amalgamation with the Craigieburn Golf club.

Part of this process is the formation of a new club, this new club is expected to be fully operational by January 1st 2014.

Some of the changes requierd to enable a smooth transition have already been put in place

The new club to be known as the Craigieburn Willmott Golf Club will operate from the club room located on the Craigieburn golf course.

 Craigieburn Willmott Golf Club will have available for members Saturday / Sunday / and midweek competitions the club will also field pennant sides with the V.G.L. 

It is expected that there will be no disruption to the current syllabus and competitions will run as normal for the remainder or the 2013 season 

This amalgamation will be a great boost to golf in the Craigieburn area with new club rooms in the works

and a significant change in cooperation between club golfers and course management.

The club invites anyone interested to stop by have a round and enjoy.

To book a round call pro shop 93082774

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